Ascent Valorant: Best strategy, Callouts and tactics from Radiant Coach

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Ascent, the Tuscan-themed map in Valorant, demands strategic gameplay and effective communication to achieve victory. With its balanced layout, mastering the map is crucial for both attackers and defenders. In this blog, we will provide in-depth strategies for Ascent, including callouts for better coordination and optimized gameplay.

Ascent Callouts: Before delving into the strategies, familiarize yourself with the callouts used on Ascent. These location names will help you communicate effectively with your team:

Callouts For Ascent

  • A Lobby: The entrance area leading to A Main.

  • A Main: The main pathway leading to A Site.

  • Generator: The large black box on the West side of A Site.

  • Short: The shorter pathway connecting A Site and A Main.

  • Hell: The area located near the back of A Site.

  • Wine: The wine cellar area on A Site.

  • B Main: The main pathway leading to B Site.

  • Market: The area connecting B Main and B Site, featuring shops.

  • Stairs: The stairs leading from B Main to B Site.
    Speedway: The open pathway behind B Site.

  • Boat House: The building located at the back of B Site.
    Default Boxes: The boxes in the center of B Site.

  • Mid: The central area of the map, offering access to both A and B Sites.
  • Catwalk: The raised walkway connecting Mid to A Link.
  • A Link: The pathway from Mid leading to A Site.
  • Cubby: The corner near A Site in Mid.
  • B Market: The pathway from Mid leading to B Site.

Attacking Strategies on Ascent

Attacking Reactor Site A: Conquer A Site with Precision

A lobby Attack

Utilize Safe Routes: Take the A Lobby to A Main route, which provides a secure passage to A Site.
Agent Synergy: Employ agents like Breach and Omen to utilize flashes and smokes, disrupting defenders and providing cover.
Controlled Chaos: Capitalize on Jett’s mobility and Raze’s explosives to create chaos and pressure on the site.
Planting Position: Secure Generator as a planting spot, granting advantageous defensive angles covering Short, Hell, Main, and Wine.

Attacking Reactor Site B: Strike with Efficiency

B main attack

Optimal Path: Focus on the B Main route, offering a direct entry point with reduced exposure.
Coordinated Utility: Combine the abilities of Breach and Omen to control defender lines effectively.
Strategic Planting: Plant the spike behind the default boxes in the center of B Site.
Secure Flanks: Assign defenders to hold Boat House, Stairs, and Speedway while maintaining an off-angle presence in B Main.

Mid Control: Unlock the Gateway to Success

Mid Attack

Importance of Mid: Attaining Mid control is crucial as it provides access to both sites and allows for potential flanking opportunities.
Smoke and Advance: Use smokes strategically to safely progress up Catwalk or A Link, denying defenders clear sightlines.
Cubby Suppression: Deploy smokes to block the enemy’s line of sight from Cubby on the A-side when pushing up Mid.

Defending Strategies on Ascent

Defending Reactor Site A: Resolute Defense at A Site

A Defense

Secure the Chokepoint: Focus defensive efforts on A Main, utilizing sightlines and smokes to impede attackers.
Consider Retake: In certain situations, employ a retake strategy by temporarily giving up A Site to regroup and plan a coordinated retake.
Swift Control Restoration: Clear key areas such as Wine, Hell, and Tree Room to regain control of A Site efficiently.

Defending Reactor Site B: Hold the Line at B Site

B defense

Chokepoint Defense: Dedicate utility and surveillance to halt attackers at the entrance of B Main, denying them easy access to the site.
Sova’s Arsenal: Make use of Sova’s Shock Arrows and Recon Bolt to deal damage and gather crucial information about attacker positions.
Killjoy’s Fortification: Utilize Killjoy’s turret and Nanoswarms to create a formidable defense in B Main.

Mid Defense: Guarding the Crucial Gateway

A tree Defense

Operator Advantage: Employ an Operator, with Jett or Chamber excelling in this role, to hold Mid effectively.
Dual Sightlines: Utilize positions in Cubby (near A Site) and B Market, covering different angles.
Resource Allocation: Dedicate resources to maintain Mid control, denying attackers easy access and forcing them through chokepoints.

Advanced Techniques

Wall Bangs and Lineups

Ascent offers numerous opportunities for wall bangs and lineups. Learning these advanced techniques allows you to deal damage or secure kills through walls and other obstacles. Experiment with different lineups and angles to surprise your opponents and gain the upper hand.

Creative Use of Abilities

By implementing these optimized strategies on Ascent and utilizing the provided callouts, you can gain a competitive edge in Valorant matches. Effective communication, agent synergy, and strategic execution will pave the way to victory on this Tuscan battleground. Master the map, coordinate with your team, and ascend to new heights in Valorant!

Ascent is a captivating map in Valorant that offers thrilling gameplay experiences. By mastering its layout, understanding key strategies, and communicating effectively with your team, you can dominate the opposition. Use this guide as a foundation to develop your skills, experiment with different approaches, and continuously improve your gameplay on Ascent.


Yes, Ascent is considered a well-balanced map, providing equal opportunities for both attackers and defenders.

Agents like Killjoy, Cypher, and Sage are highly effective for defending on Ascent due to their area denial and information-gathering abilities.

Practice using clear callouts, providing concise information, and actively coordinating strategies with your teammates.

Yes, Ascent offers various wall bang and lineup opportunities. Experiment with different angles and positions to discover effective strategies.

Maintain a balance between utility usage, weapon upgrades, and economic stability to optimize your chances of success in each round.

In Valorant, Ascent is generally considered to be a slightly attacker-sided map. This means that attackers often have a slight advantage in terms of map control and executing strategies.


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