Ascent Valorant: The Best Agent Combinations for Victory


In the popular tactical first-person shooter game Valorant, mastering agent combinations is essential for achieving victory. Ascent, one of the well-designed maps in the game, offers unique challenges and opportunities for players.

In this article, we will explore the best agent combinations to maximize your chances of success on Ascent. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to Valorant, these agent combinations will help you dominate the competition.

Understanding Ascent

Ascent is a map set in an Italian city featuring wide open spaces, tight corridors, and multiple bombsites. It provides a balanced environment for both attackers and defenders.

To succeed on this map, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of the map’s layout, chokepoints, and potential areas of control. Additionally, coordinating with your team and choosing the right agent combinations can greatly enhance your chances of securing victory.

Agent Combinations for Attack

Best Agent Combinations in valorant

Entry Fraggers and Duelists

When attacking on Ascent, having agents with strong fragging potential is vital for gaining control over bombsites. Entry fraggers and duelists excel in this role.

Agents like Jett, Phoenix, and Reyna possess abilities that allow them to quickly eliminate opponents and create openings for the team. Combining them with supportive agents can further amplify their impact.

Controllers and Initiators

Controllers and initiators play a crucial role in establishing map control and setting up plays. Agents like Brimstone, Omen, and Viper can block off enemy sightlines, create smokescreens, and deny areas with their abilities.

Initiators such as Sova and Skye can gather intel and flush out enemies using their recon and flash abilities. Combining these agents ensures a well-coordinated attack, making it difficult for defenders to hold their ground.

Support and Sentinel

Support agents like Sage and Killjoy can provide essential utility and defensive capabilities during attacks. Sage’s healing abilities and wall can sustain the team, while Killjoy’s traps and turrets can deter enemy pushes and provide valuable information.

Combining them with duelists or entry fraggers creates a well-rounded attack that is hard to counter.

Agent Combinations for Defense

Sentinels and Controllers

On defense, sentinels and controllers can excel in holding down bombsites and denying enemy advances. Sentinels like Cypher and Killjoy can gather intel, set up traps, and stall attackers with their defensive abilities.

Controllers such as Brimstone and Viper can block sightlines and chokepoints, making it challenging for attackers to execute their strategies. Combining these agents creates a strong defensive setup that can frustrate opponents.

Initiators and Duelists

Initiators and duelists can disrupt enemy advances and maintain control over the map. Initiators like Sova and Skye can gather early intel and slow down enemy pushes, while duelists such as Reyna and Phoenix can aggressively eliminate attackers.

Their abilities provide an advantage in individual engagements and create chaos among the enemy ranks.

Support and Duelists

Support agents on defense play a vital role in bolstering the team’s defenses and providing utility. Agents like Sage and Brimstone can heal and revive teammates, while also providing crucial smokescreens and area denial.

Combining them with duelists creates a strong defensive synergy, enabling aggressive plays while maintaining team survivability.

Synergy and Communication

To maximize the effectiveness of agent combinations, synergy and communication are paramount. Effective communication allows for better coordination of abilities, executing strategies, and reacting to the opponent’s movements.

Understanding each agent’s strengths and weaknesses and playing to their abilities will greatly enhance the team’s overall performance.


Choosing the best agent combinations is crucial for success on Ascent in Valorant. Whether attacking or defending, understanding the map, utilizing agent synergies, and effective communication are the key factors that lead to victory.

Experiment with different combinations, adapt to the situation, and constantly communicate with your team to dominate the competition on Ascent.


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