Mastering Ascent’s Bomb Sites: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Ascent's Bomb Sites

Ascent is a visually stunning map in Valorant, set in an Italian cityscape. It features two bomb sites—A Site and B Site—that require strategic coordination, map control, and effective execution. By understanding the layout of each site and implementing smart strategies, you can increase your chances of successfully planting or defusing the spike.

Understanding the A Site

Site Layout

The A Site on Ascent is located towards the top left corner of the map. It consists of several key areas, including A Main, A Ramps, A Screens, and A Heaven. Understanding the layout of the A Site is essential for executing successful attacks or setting up strong defenses.

Attack Strategies

When attacking the A Site, consider the following strategies:

  • Split Push: Divide your team into two groups—one entering through A Main and the other through A Ramps—to create a distraction and catch defenders off guard.
  • Utilize Smokes and Flashes: Use agent abilities to block off vision from defenders in A Screens or Heaven, making it easier to plant the spike.
  • Clear Out Key Positions: Prioritize clearing out defenders in A Screens and A Heaven to secure control of the site.
  • Planting the Spike: Find safe spots to plant the spike that provide cover and limit the angles from which defenders can easily defuse.

Defense Strategies

When defending the A Site, consider the following strategies:

  • Hold Key Positions: Assign defenders to strategic positions in A Screens, A Heaven, and A Ramps to prevent attackers from gaining control.
  • Utilize Utility: Use agent abilities to slow down attackers, block off entry points, and gather information about their movements.
  • Communicate and Rotate: Maintain clear communication with your teammates and be ready to rotate quickly to the A Site when needed.
  • Play Off Angles: Surprise attackers by holding less common angles or positions that give you the element of surprise.

Understanding the B Site

Site Layout

The B Site on Ascent is situated towards the bottom right corner of the map. It comprises B Main, B Lobby, B Site, and B Heaven. Understanding the layout of the B Site is crucial for executing successful attacks or establishing strong defenses.

Attack Strategies

When attacking the B Site, consider the following strategies:

  • B Main Control: Focus on gaining control of B Main to provide a safe entry point for your team.
  • Use Verticality: Utilize agent abilities or vertical positioning to gain an advantage over defenders in B Heaven.
  • Flank Awareness: Be mindful of potential flanking routes from defenders rotating through Mid or A Site.
  • Planting the Spike: Find secure spots on the B Site to plant the spike, preferably with cover from B Main or B Site structures.

Defense Strategies

When defending the B Site, consider the following strategies:

  • B Main Control: Assign defenders to hold B Main and prevent attackers from freely entering the site.
  • Hold B Site: Position defenders strategically on B Site and B Heaven to cover multiple angles and deter attackers.
  • Use Utility Effectively: Utilize agent abilities to delay attackers, reveal their positions, or create obstacles in their path.
    Rotate and
  • Communicate: Maintain clear communication with your teammates and be prepared to rotate swiftly to the B Site when necessary.

Coordinated Site Executions

Coordinated site executions involve synchronized efforts from your team to overwhelm the defenders and secure the bomb site. Here are some key considerations for successful site executions on Ascent:

  • Utility Usage: Coordinate the usage of agent abilities to create opportunities for your team and disrupt defenders’ positions.
  • Trade Fragging: Prioritize trading kills with your teammates to maintain numbers advantage during the execution.
  • Timing and Entry Fraggers: Time your pushes and rely on entry fraggers to secure early kills and create openings for the rest of the team.
  • Clear Communication: Maintain clear and concise communication during the execution, providing vital information to your teammates.

Tips for Mastering Ascent's Bomb Sites

ascent valorant

To excel in planting or defusing the spike on Ascent, consider the following tips:

  • Map Control: Prioritize gaining control of key areas like Mid and Catwalk to create advantageous situations for site executions.
  • Adaptability: Be adaptable in your strategies, adjusting your approach based on the opponents’ tendencies and the flow of the game.
  • Utility Management: Use your agent’s abilities wisely, considering their impact on site entry, defense, and post-plant situations.
  • Team Coordination: Maintain effective communication and coordination with your team, making decisions together and supporting each other.


Mastering the bomb sites is crucial for success in Ascent Valorant. By understanding the layouts, implementing smart strategies, and effectively coordinating with your team, you can increase your chances of securing victories. Remember to adapt your strategies, communicate effectively, and make use of utility to gain the upper hand.


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