Starfield Early Access And Release Times


Bethesda has revealed the worldwide launch times for Starfield, their highly anticipated upcoming game set to release on September 6. The game will be accessible through Game Pass right from its launch day.

However, players who opt for the Constellation edition or choose to upgrade to the Premium edition will have the exclusive opportunity to start playing the game up to five days in advance.

It’s also worth noting that players who have already preordered the standard edition or intend to play via Game Pass can still upgrade to the Premium edition by making a separate purchase. Below are the specified global launch times:

Starfield Global Launch Unlock Times

  • 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET on September 5 – US
  • 9 AM JST on September 6 – Australia, New Zealand, and Asia
  • 1 AM BST on September 6 – Europe

Starfield Early Access Launch Unlock Times

  • 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET on August 31 – US
  • 9 AM JST on September 1 – Australia, New Zealand, and Asia
  • 1 AM BST on September 1 – Europe

Both the Premium and Constellation editions of the game also include a set of digital bonuses. These bonuses consist of the first story expansion titled “Shattered Space,” the constellation skin pack, as well as a digital soundtrack and art book.

For those who opt for the physical-only Constellation edition, they can expect additional items such as a steelbook display case, a constellation patch, and a chronomark watch with its accompanying case.

If you’re a PC player, it’s important to ensure that your computer system meets the necessary requirements to run Starfield smoothly. Be sure to take a look at the game’s system requirements to make sure your rig is up to par.

For gamers eager to jump into the game as soon as it becomes available, the option to preload Starfield is now available. This means you can download and install the game ahead of its release so that you’re all set to start playing the moment it officially drops.

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